Follow Lil' Kill on his quest to find his kidnapped friend Not-Dead Fred.



Max Lubbers


Max Lubbers


Philip Pejugnet

Gemma Stephenson

Thomas Veyrat



Max Lubbers

DL Sounds

*Some of the art, music, and sounds in this game are not original work.

Sources for borrowed assets

Background Image for "Swamp World 1" property of artist Sohei

Background Image for "Swamp World 2" property of artist Khanecz

Background Image for "Forest World" property of Philip Pejugnet

Character Art for "Narcissian" property of artist jpKEKS/Zeri with original character "Dark Matter Swordsman" property of HAL from "Kirby's Dream Land 2"

Character Art for "Not-Dead Fred" property of Nexon with original character "Skeleton Soldier" from "Maple Story"

Image for "Black Hole" property of NASA from artist Thomas Veyrat

Image for "Cheeseburger" property of artist Gemma Stephenson

Music for "Home World" property of DL Sounds